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Fast, simple, easy and addictive – ESPN Arcade’s Return Man and the more recent Return Man 3 are a fun way to spend some good time, especially if you are a football fan. The game does not throw you into the middle of a full out match like most football games would, that is you will not be required to control an entire team, or devise cunning tactics to win the game etc. Rather the plot is straightforward; you control the titular return man who waits for the football to be kicked to him. You then pick up the ball and run to the opposing team’s touchdown avoiding all those who try to tackle you along the way. Only a touchdown is counted as a score and if you are tackled along the way, the game simply starts all over again.
You are introduced to multiple levels of difficulty as you progress and gather points. In fact by level 3 you will be required to implement some good deal of evasive maneuvering getting to the haloed touchdown grounds rather than simply running behind the blockers. As you progress, you will also unlock abilities such as spinning and using a stiff arm to ward of attackers.
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Return Man 2 is the latest iteration of the game, and can be found online in three versions – the standard Return Man 2, Return Man 3 – Mud Bowl and Return Man 3 – Zombies (my favorite). Return Man 3 is essentially Return Man 2 with better graphics, better opposing team skills and more challenges; Return Man 2 – Mud Bowl is all that plus throws in some mud pits which you will have to avoid lest risk slowing down; finally Return Man3 – Zombies pits you against zombie players who try to tackle you down!
Return Man is a simple yet awesome game and is recommended if you are looking for some NFL based action. It is freely available on so go ahead and give it a try today. play return man 3

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